Other notable design competitions:


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Advanced ChallengeBlue ChallengeBlue Product ChallengeBrand Application Challenge
Business Plan ChallengeSports Car ChallengeChairs ChallengeIndustrial Challenge
Student ChallengeGood Product ChallengeFashion ChallengeClassic Furniture Challenge
Graphic Arts ChallengeGray ChallengeGrays ChallengeGray Goods Challenge
Green Products ChallengeHotel ChallengeIdea ChallengeInteraction Challenge
Interactive ChallengeLighting ChallengeModel ChallengeGreat Challenge
Bookmark ChallengePR ChallengePrototype ChallengeRed Things Challenge
Retail Interiors ChallengeScenery ChallengeSocial ChallengeSponsor Challenge
Sustainable ChallengeSustainable Goods ChallengeToy ChallengeToys Challenge
Typography ChallengeWeb Site ChallengeWhite Products ChallengeYachts Challenge
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